iOS app - Collection users - I can't see the new designs, what can I do?

Sorry you are having trouble viewing the collection! 

First off, mobile devices are different from the website, in that connectivity is key. If you do not have a strong connection, receiving new/updated information will take longer. Please try the following troubleshooting tips ::

The best thing to do {which is also a cool little-known trick!} is to hard close the app and open it up again by following these instructions ::
If you are using iOS8 and iOS9, follow these steps ::
-Double tap on the home button on your phone
-Your open apps should now appear in the bottom row
-Swipe up on the Red Stamp app to close it
**Now go into the app again but wait AT LEAST 1 full minute {or until the spinner on the top of your screen stops} on the Red Stamp home screen to let all new designs load in the collection before tapping into it.**

If that doesn't do the trick, the next best thing would be to delete + re-install the app. To delete the app, just hold down one of the app icons and they will all start to move and a little black x will appear in the top left corner of every app. Tap on the x of the Red Stamp app to remove from your phone. Then go to the app store and install the Red Stamp app again. You will be prompted to type in your Apple ID password when you re-install the app. Go back into the Red Stamp app and wait on the home screen until the spinner on the top of your screen stops. This allows all of the new data to load correctly.

Once you spinner has stopped, then tap into Collections and find your specific collection and see if all of the cards have populated.

Please contact us at [email protected] for any other questions.

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