iOS app - Error message when trying to reorder a card

Thank you so much for reaching out and I'm really sorry you are experiencing this issue! We take all of our customer feedback/questions very seriously, so while I don't have an immediate solve for what you are seeing, please know we are working with our tech team to recreate + assess this issue. 

In the meantime, here is what we recommend ::

1. You can head over to your SENT items folder on the web --> --> then 1. sign into your account with the same account information you use on the app 2. tap "Send again" text just under the card you'd like to re-order and then 3. follow the prompts from there. Note :: Given ease of ordering on larger viewports, we recommend you do this on your iPad OR your computer.

2. You can recreate your card from scratch on the app. This issue is only happening with cards that have been sent before, not newly created cards. Note :: this might be an easier solution if you store your addresses on your device OR prefer using mobile/the app to complete your send.

Thank you! We really appreciate you and apologize for the added step in getting more cards to your lucky recipients! :)

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