Do you edit orders?

In order to offer our top of the industry turn around time, {1-2 business days to process, print and ship} we are unable to offer editing services for most orders. Checking each order is a very time intensive process and this would add an additional 24-48 hours to the processing time. 

However, we do a *quick* quality check on all line items that are over $50.00 before sending your order to our printing partner. If we notice missing information or have a question, we will contact you via email {using your account email address}and give you 24 hours to look over and respond to a digital proof of your card. If we do not hear from you by the time stated in the email, we will send your order to print as is. 

If you have a question regarding your order, you can certainly send our support team an email at [email protected] and they would be happy to look into your order for you.


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