What you should know about photo cards

To help ensure your photo card meets your expectations, here are some basic tips in regards to photos and photo cards.

  1. If your original photo is dark, blurry or grainy the photo card will not have the best quality.
  2. Keep in mind that an image on your screen has light shining through it. When the cards print out, they could be a bit darker than what is seen on your screen. Some colors may not produce the same vibrancy on paper as they do on a screen. For example, very bright colors or neons will not be as vibrant on paper.
  3. All photos are printed on premium 115# card stock, not glossy photo paper. This means the ink "sinks" into the cards to create the matte finish {which is why colors may not be as vibrant as appears on your screen}.
  4. For photo placement, keep in mind that when the card prints, it may be trimmed 1/8th of an inch on any of the four sides of the card. 

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