Can I call you?

Hi there! We'd love to chat with you!

We find that email works better than phone because we are often able to effectively direct you to helpful links, FAQs, or give you instruction you can refer back to later/at another time. As a small team, email also let's us help more people, more often. Both inside and outside of typical business hours.

Also, email allows YOU to illustrate and detail how you are trying to access our platform. Questions like...are you using our iPhone app? Android app? On the web? What's your path as you move through the app/site? It's good to know what messages you received from us and when, so feel free to copy and paste + send us links. Screenshots are also another highly effective way to troubleshoot. Please send us shots as attachments showing us the card you are sending, messages you are receiving, etc. All of this allows us to quickly identify a solution.

Rest assured, we check our support area OFTEN. And we promise we'll get back to you as quickly as we can.

We appreciate you! Thank you. :)


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