How do I text the greeting?

In order to send your greeting by text message, you must have an active texting plan on your device. The app uses your device to send text messages, from your Message app.

1. Tap the SEND arrow once you've personalized your design 
2. Tap "It's a digital day" 
3. Tap "Message" and the Red Stamp app will close + your Messages app will open and your card will be attached to your message
4. Type in who you'd like to send your message to 
5. Tap into the message box to enter any additional text

You can also close the Red Stamp/Messages app + send your postcard from your Camera Roll.



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    Next up for the adidas Tubular Doom Soc Primeknit is the Fall-appropriate colorway rocking a Sesame and Crystal White color scheme.For those of you not too familiar with the new Tubular model, this Three Stripes silhouette is labeled as a lifestyle runner that comes with a sock-like design and is constructed out of a breathable Primeknit upper with suede detailing placed on the heel counter. Below you will find a newly designed ribbed midsole and Tubular outsole, while branding hits are found on the heel, tongue pull tabs and insoles. Like what you see? Pick Yeezy Boost 350 up the adidas Tubular Doom Soc Primeknit Sesame today from select retailers for $180.
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    Damian Lillard will be releasing his 4th signature shoe with adidas this week Yeezy Boost 350 V2 as they have officially unveiled and introduced the adidas Dame 4. Designed to eliminate distractions, the Dame 4 is rooted in all day comfort and versatility to support Dame’s Oakland grit and relentless hustle.The Dame 4 features a sock-like upper with fastened stability so Dame can attack the opposition. A ventilated mesh upper NMD XR1 increases airflow and maximizes breathability while the supportive lace cables reinforce fit, keeping the foot locked in. Down below to Dame 4 is equipped with full-length BOUNCE cushioning that provides ultimate court feel, superior comfort and versatility for movement in the game and as you train.Full-length BOUNCE cushioning converges with the outsole, visually Cheap Yeezys treated as a musical waveform that represents Dame D.O.L.L.A.’s passion for hip-hop. YKWTII is displayed on the heel as a message to all the doubters, reminding them “You Know What Time It Is” in reference to Dame’s ability to takeover the game. DAME CERTIFIED is featured on the sockliner with the motto “Patience Adidas NMD Persistence Purpose” to further exude Dame’s unrelenting attitude.
    Above you will find the three footwear models that make up the second Alexander Wang x adidas Originals Collection of the year. Releasing next weekend, let’s get a closer look at all three offerings.Said to be inspired by cycling and rave parties, the Alexander Wang Adidas NMD XR1 x adidas Originals Collection will include the Alexander Wang x adidas AW Run Mid, the Alexander Wang x adidas AW Skate Mid and the Alexander Wang x adidas AW Adilette. Both the AW Run Mid and the AW Skate Mid comes in two different colorways to choose from, whereas the slides come in Yeezy Boost 350 only one.The most notable feature from the collection is the fact that the AW Run Mid has removed the Boost cushioning that results in a much more classic look and feel. Take a look at all three offerings above and pick up the entire collection on October 7th.
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    The Fall season will bring us new colorways of the adidas NMD XR1 as today we bring you an official look at this simple and versatile Navy pair.This adidas NMD XR1 comes covered in Navy all throughout the mesh upper with tonal detailing on the side panel cage, laces, leather Yeezy Sneakers tabs on the heel and tongue, and the EVA inserts on the midsole. Finishing off the look is a full-length white Boost midsole and a grey rubber outsole.Look for the adidas NMD XR1 in Navy to release on November 3rd for a retail price of $150.
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